23 September 2001 -- Galena!

Led by George Wysup, Tom Hill, and Carleton Shay.

This was one kickass climb. What a great day!

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The intrepid climbers set out (945 KB)

(190 KB)
We can still see the cars

Let's make a break for it
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(160 KB)
Sandy Sperling demonstrating an ability to smile on the way
to her doom
(802 KB)

(162 KB)
Sandy, still smiling. Later, I learned it was painted on with
(811 KB)

(137 KB)
First view of the headwall. We immediately took a split
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(163 KB)
Some of us tried to run away up the canyon's side (821 KB)

(117 KB)
Later, we wished we had run away. This is the team on the
right side ascent. (The headwall is actually much steeper
than this photo makes it seem -- the photographer is lying
at an angle hugging the ground.)

You can see a climber in the center on "Pat's Rock", waiting
to traverse on to safety at the right

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(155 KB)
The ill-fated attempt to climb the left side of the
headwall. Only three climbers successfully made the
caprock and traverse. Five turned back, and four
made a low traverse of the headwall and ascended on
the right
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(190 KB)
Karen and Tom, awaiting their turn to attempt the left
side ascent
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(151 KB)
The view from the top. Yes, that is just about straight
down ...
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More climbers on the right ascent (743 KB)

(175 KB)
The dirt axe from Hell. It owns George (894 KB)

(92 KB)
Tom, out on the headwall keeping an eye on us (433 KB)

(52 KB)
The photographer pioneers an innovative self-arrest
technique using only his digital camera, a penknife, and
a half-chewed mouthful of gorp
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(174 KB)
Tom makes walking straight up vertical rock look easy (869 KB)

(73 KB)
The exhileration of success! (369 KB)

(74 KB)
The exhaustion of success! (372 KB)

(140 KB)
Later, on the summit (768 KB)

(136 KB)
Everybody grows impatient as the photographer fuddles (769 KB)

(115 KB)
The photographer joins the group is his disreputable,
battered hat
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(121 KB)
I'll get even with her for this shot (700 KB)

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Yet one more group photo (733 KB)

(173 KB)
George, as climbers descend the headwall behind him (868 KB)

(169 KB)
More climbers descending (867 KB)

(115 KB)
The headwall telephotoed from a distance. You can clearly see
the sandy left side and the crumbling gray rock on the right
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(67 KB)
The photographer practicing his self-arrest-with-camera
technique on level ground. It works, I guess ...
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(93 KB)
Tom took a shot of Karen and Brian as we left the headwall (447 KB)

Kent Schwitkis' photos are viewable here.