08 September 2001 -- Islip with Sandy Burnsides

Private hike

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On the summit: Keith, Karen, Sandy, Ron, &
Byron in his hyper mode
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Byron, shortly before he suggested what the
photographer could go and do with himself
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Sandy brought seriously wonderful food (351 KB)

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All of which we ate (378 KB)

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Other folks dropped in on us (Can you "drop in"
on someone on a peak?)
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Keith, Sandy, Karen, & Ron planning the eventual
conquest of the world
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While the other climbers found the register,
which none of us had done
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The 20s and 30s Singles attacked at midday (275 KB)

(178 KB)
Ditto (528 KB)

(82 KB)
While we attempted to recruit them for HPS (290 KB)

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Ditto (319 KB)