31 August 2001 -- Bighorn Mountain, Dragon's Head, & San Gorgonio Mountain

Led by Mars Bonfire and Carleton Shay.

Karen Isaacson's trip notes are here.

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Carleton, Dave, and Rich at lunch before entering
the tarn
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(161 KB)
Dragon's Head across the tarn (467 KB)

(46 KB)
Ingeborg, Karen, and Mars (186 KB)

(124 KB)
Laura displays proper break technique (365 KB)

(113 KB)
Karen, Joanne, Ingeborg, and Mars (321 KB)

(135 KB)
Dave and Ingeborg on Bighorn (385 KB)

(144 KB)
Karen, Mars, and Rich (403 KB)

(124 KB)
Laura and Joanne (271 KB)

(97 KB)
Chris and Carleton (309 KB)

(80 KB)
San Gorgonio across the tarn from Bighorn (240 KB)

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View from Bighorn (188 KB)

(99 KB)
Laura, Mars, Ingeborg, Dave, Carleton, Chris,
Karen, Joanne, George, and Rich
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(149 KB)
The photographer demonstrating he has no common
sense by leaning out over the abyss on Dragon's Head
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(127 KB)
Chris demonstating he has even less sense than the
photographer by posing on the abyss ...
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(50 KB)
Laura demonstrating that she's not always sleeping
when not hiking at nearly the speed of light
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(99 KB)
WE MADE IT! Everybody on San Gorgonio (254 KB)

(90 KB)
The view from San Gorgonio (242 KB)